We promote Solar Energy in Israel

Why Solar Energy?

Renewable energy in Israel as a source of passive income for everyone

This is an opportunity to join an economic, global, green and profitable project in the framework of global greenhouse gas emission reduction targets. The State of Israel has committed to significant renewable energy production and has set ambitious targets for the coming years. Reforms and government decisions that went into effect last year encourage solar power generation on rooftops.


As part of the decisions, the  Israeli electricity company is obligated to buy from the roof owners all the energy produced for a period of 25 years at a fixed and known rate. Solar systems allow roofers and reservoirs to generate significant and safe income over many years. This is an opportunity to join a national, global, green and economic project.

We propose to anyone who owns a rooftop to generate a passive income as part of the evolving  global revolution with the help of solar energy through number of posibble routes:

Fixed Payment Track - The roof owner does not bear the costs of setting up the system and receives rent on his roof regardless of the system output from the moment the system starts operating.

Partnership Track - The roof owner participates in an equal portion of the system's establishment costs and receives 50% of the system's profits each year (cleaning annual maintenance and cleaning expenses).

Ownership Track - Roof owner who wants to build a solar roof system that independently owns our full escort.

Our Services

Supervision and management

We specialize in a number of types of projects, including planning and establishing cooperation and reciprocity between the client and the energy company, with full supervision of the renewable energy standard.

Establishment of the project

We have the expertise to design large and complex projects for large and medium-sized commercial properties, while also maximizing the utilization of maximum space, which will generate the highest profits for the client.

Project planning

We have expertise in designing a project that is tailored to the client's needs, whether it is a project for self-realization energy or a profitable investment and cooperation in the rental of the property.


About Us

N.R.T.I ENERGIZ TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a new age company that leads the market in Israel in the field of renewable energy.


The strategic partnership between Discount Bank and NCT Energies Technologies Ltd. in the field of renewable energy is a collaboration between two of the leading renewable energy entities in Israel. The partnership was established for the purpose of initiating and establishing solar systems on industrial roofs, and agricultural cooperation between the companies combines professional experience and financial strength.


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